Tuesday, October 14, 2014


One of Garrett's favorite things lately has been getting a soft "printzle" with cheese at the Flinthills ball games. I did a little hunting around Pinterest and came across the super-simple (and quick) recipe on this site: http://sallysbakingaddiction.com/2012/12/25/30-minute-whole-wheat-pretzels/

This recipe was definitely Garrett & Reece approved! (I thought they were pretty tasty myself!)

Recipe notes: I opted to skip the boiled water bath & they still turned out great. I also forgot to throw on some salt. This actually ended up being a good thing since the cheese dip was made from melted Velveeta, which tends to be salty. I also realized (too late) that I should have tucked the ends under...a note to self for next time. 

Monday, September 1, 2014

2014 Zoo Trip

This Labor Day Weekend we visited the Sedgwick County Zoo! It had been two years since our last visit. It's hard for me  to believe how much the boys have changed in that time!
Here we go! Ready for the zoo!
Garrett's highlight of the day was feeding a baby giraffe! (Giraffe starts with "G", which makes it Garrett's favorite animal.)
Apparently This is the face you make when being chased by a lion!
Reece is demonstrating what most of the animals were doing on our visit. We couldn't understand why they weren't more excited to see us!?!
If you look beyond this "cheese" grin you might see a pair of American Bald Eagles. 
Hangin' out in the shade. 
Garrett also enjoyed watching the penguins zoom by. 
Reece was more interested in the lizards and snakes. (Not a good sign for this mama.)
At the end of the zoo visit we hit the gift shop and began the hunt for a zoo souvenir that wouldn't break our budget. Luckily, dad spied a vendor selling inflatable animal toys 2/$5. Perfect! They even had a GREEN monkey. Reece will tell you, "Geen my favorite color". So this made him happy. Picking out the perfect green monkey took some time, but we think he made the perfect choice!
I'm pretty sure this is the sign of a perfect outing with the boys. 

Sunday, August 24, 2014

We're Back August 2014!

I've had a few requests to get our blog going again...so here I go!
The boys are now 3 & 5...and as I type, one is crying because he doesn't like the snack options he's been given, and the other is upset because his little brother knocked down the tower of fire trucks he just stacked - 5 trucks high! Such is life in the Jackson household! 
As we encounter more crazy moments like this, I will try to remember to find a sweet pic of the boys getting along (which, honestly, IS most of the time) and take a few minutes to share some of those moments with you! Thank you for following along!

Monday, February 10, 2014

4-Wheelin' & Sleddin'

Uncle Billy invited the boys over on Sunday afternoon to do some sledding behind his 4-Wheeler! Despite the cold, north wind, the boys (including Uncle Billy) had a blast! Reece wasn't too sure about his ride on the sled - he wound up with his feet in the air, but he didn't let go of his sled! He did, however, decide he'd much rather ride on the 4-wheeler with Uncle Billy rather than behind it. Garrett, on the other hand, couldn't get enough! He flew around corners & whizzed by us, doing loops around the property like a pro! 

Friday, February 7, 2014

Snice Cream!!

What do you do with light, airy snow that isn't wet enough to make a snowman? You make SNICE CREAM!! (Snow-Ice Cream)
I mixed up some milk, sugar, vanilla, and a little cinnamon, added some snow, and voila! We have a cold, ice-milk-like treat!

It looks a little like dirty snow because of the cinnamon...but it really was a tasty treat!

Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas at Grandma Jackson's (Post 2)

After opening gifts at home & giving the boys time to check them all out, we headed to Grandma Jackson's home for lunch and some family time with those who live in the area. 
The boys got to bring a few toys with them. Garrett brought his new Hungry Hippos game...as you can see below, both young & old boys had fun with it. 
Grandma made the annual birthday cake for Jesus. Reece was caught sampling the icing before we sang the Happy Birthday song. 
YUM! Strawberry cake & ice cream!
On the Saturday after Christmas all the Jackson's gathered again at Grandma's (minus Brendan, who is serving in Costa Rica for the Peace Corps). We ate until we were stuffed and then Uncle (Super) Jim handed out gifts to the younger ones. 
Whoa! Look at that big box!

Another fire truck!!
Monsters University! (This was the only thing Garrett expressed disappointment over not getting from Santa. The man in red must've known Grandma had it covered!)
Once the kids finished up it was time for the adults to open gifts. Look at this little gift next to the adult pile!!
Reece & one if his favorite people: his cousin Courtney. 
After gifts we enjoyed time with family (& more food, of course!) We forgot to get a group picture this year...this is the closest to it that I have. Ha!
Only one more Christmas celebration to go...we will have a Christmas with my side of the family once my mom gets here in a few short weeks! 

Christmas at Home 2013 (Post 1)

Merry Christmas! 
We started celebrating Christmas Eve in Rosalia at the Christian Church candlelight services. It was sweet hearing Garrett sing familiar Christmas songs and to watch the boys with their candles during verses of Silent Night. 

When we got home the boys got to open one gift: their Christmas PJ's, new Christmas cups, and cocoa mix!
Garrett's pajamas are way too big - but he still loves them! (They were the only Mike Wazowski pjs I could find)

The boys also came home to a BIG surprise: Bunk Beds!! Steve & I put them together while the boys spent the afternoon with Grandma Jackson. 
Our tree on Christmas morning...
...and the stockings under the boys' fire truck-decorated tree. Looks like Santa (aka Ho Ho) didn't skip our home!
Reece was up around 5:45...and Garrett woke up not too long after. Both boys were excited to tear into their stockings!
Two of our favorite characters were found under the tree!
...and then as soon as Grandma Jackson arrived we headed to the big tree to see what else Santa brought. 
Fire trucks, bulldozers, fun games, art supplies, Hot Wheels... oh my!

Mama got this bright pink hoody & some neon green socks that Garrett picked out!
Garrett gave Daddy a snap-together vintage fire truck! Should be a fun project!
Santa brought a race track set for the boys to play with together!
The "After" photo. We must have been very good this year because Santa treated us well! After presents we enjoyed breakfast casserole and cinnamon rolls (my first time making them from scratch!) 
A fun morning was had by all!